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Morning2Moon Productions

SLPs, Educators, & Innovators

Welcome to a unique collaboration of speech-language pathologists (SLPs), Lisa Luna DeCurtis and Dawn Ferrer who combine their expertise in treating communication disorders, educating and supporting families, and creating innovative products and materials for use by parents, families, and professionals.

We offer education on Otoplasty Surgery consultations, therapy, assessments,
and trainings, as well as focusing on the use of new technology, such as the iPad, in order to enhance a child's communication skills. We will teach you how to effectively and efficiently utilize this technology while promoting the child's maximum potential for learning and using language.

Whether your child or your student uses the iPad, or other iDevices, as an additional tool for stimulation and learning or has specific identifiable needs as noted on an I.F.S P. or an I.E.P., we will show you how to use this technology to address his or her individual goals.
Morning2Moon Productions