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Here you can find articles written by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) which focus on integrating mobile technology into therapy.

Using Mobile Technology in Speech/Language Intervention
by Sean J. Sweeney,
SLP, written on November 1, 2010 for Bilingual Therapies
' Blog
He discusses how he came to integrate devices such as the iPad into his therapy and includes a suggested set of criteria for SLPs to use when choosing web, software or hardware resources. He is also the author of the blog SpeechTechie: Looking at Technology Through a Language Lens.

How I became the speech guy with an iPad
by Eric Sailers, SLP, written on September 21, 2010 for ASHA's Blog
He discusses his journey from being a young student receiving speech-language therapy to becoming a professional who is very passionate about using technology, such as apps on an iPad. He created the website www.slpsharing.com for professionals to share information.

Apps to revolutionize your therapy
by Barbara Fernandes, SLP, written August 23, 2010 for Advance Magazine
She discusses how she incorporates technology when working with her students in the school district where she works. She lists apps that were interesting to her then, although since the article her website www.geekslp.com updates recent apps she reviews. She has also created her own products through SmartyEars, including Mobile Articulation Probes, Spanish Articulation Probes, iPractice Verbs, and The Sunny Articulation Test.

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